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he following is My PSP Tubes Terms of Use (TOU) for all tubes, graphics, comments, codes and other products purchased through our website. Please be advised that these terms are strictly enforced.
When creating signature tags and comments with any My PSP Tubes product please refer to these Terms of Use. A copy of these terms will be included in all My PSP Tubes product downloads.
My PSP Tubes Terms of Use
1. My PSP Tubes is the sole and exclusive owner of all My PSP Tubes graphic art packages (“tubes”), comments, codes, tutorials and signature tags (“products”) displayed on its website including the rights relating thereto.
2. My PSP Tubes Tubes and products may not be printed in any way, shape or form without a contract between the creator and My PSP Tubes. These are for online/digital use only! You may, however, print your created tags for personal use such as scrapbooking.
3. No My PSP Tubes tubes and products may be sold or bartered or used for profit, commercial or “break-even” endeavors in any way. To find out about commercial licensing, please contact My PSP Tubes manager at Furthermore, no tube or product may be displayed on any website or community that offers private or commercial services to the public.
4. My PSP Tubes reserves the right to use all products made with tubes (tags, banners, etc.) for marketing and other advertising and promotional purposes and do not require to display a license number.
5. No My PSP Tubes tube may exceed 72 dpi (dots per inch) or ppi (pixels per inch) nor may it exceed 525 pixels on its longest side. All tubes purchased from My PSP Tubes will be around or exactly 525 pixels and may not be upsized to have a larger tube.
6. All My PSP Tubes tubes must have the copyright symbol, full name of the artist and artist website (depending on group rating) plus your My PSP Tubes license number clearly visible. You may not place a copyright symbol with your name on or around the image as it is considered a derivative work. You can, however put “tubed, tagged, sig by, etc” as your tagging mark.
Please credit your creations like this: © Full Name of Artist / Artist website / MPT####
7. You may use only the My PSP Tubes images in your licensing package. If you have been using My PSP Tubes artist images for which you currently do not have a My PSP Tubes License, those may not be used. Purchasing an image and acquiring a license does not give you the unlimited access to any image except the one you’ve purchased directly.
8. All illegal use of My PSP Tubes tubes or products should be reported to
9. My PSP Tubes tubes and products may not be “file-shared”. Distributing My PSP Tubes tubes and products individually or through “file-sharing” is strictly prohibited. This includes distribution through any electronic or digital means – sending through sharing groups, uploading to personal websites with downloadable access, or via personal email from one person to another. Tags may be created for offer as long as they are not blank and the appropriate copyright credits and license are on each tag. Blank tags and “stats” are also prohibited. A shared tag or stat must have text on it to some degree, making it “designed”, therefore, not blank.
10. i) The integrity of My PSP Tubes artist images must remain intact in all creations. Elements of the tags such as clothing and jewelry may be sparkled or use noise. Borders, lettering, names, etc. may be added and animated, to enhance the main image.
ii) You may make eyes of any My PSP Tubes artist image blink and hair move, but absolutely NO BREATHING IMAGES. Breathing images will ONLY be allowed by artists who have personally approved it.
iii) You may convert the image to grayscale or colorize an image to match the tag (all one color – example: sepia, monotone, red, black and white, etc.).
iv) You may not recolor clothes, hair, eyes or skin. You may use partials of the images such as close up profiles (headshots, portrait poses, waist/chest), but you may not switch heads on images.
v) Blends are allowed as long as there is at least one close up image.
11. Do not mix artists. The work of My PSP Tubes artists may not be blended with the work of another My PSP Tubes artist or any other artist not affiliated with My PSP Tubes.
12. Placement of “small” elements to cover prohibited parts of My PSP Tubes R rated images in order to allow for their usage in PG rated groups is permitted (example: star, bar, tex, circle, etc). My PSP Tubes artists reserve the right to amend any or all of these terms at any given time. You may not add any pieces of clothing, wings, halos, etc. to the original art.
13. Stock photography may be used in any signature tags/stats/banners created with any My PSP Tubes Tube. When combining My PSP Tubes art along with stock photographs, you must display copyright information like this:
© Artist name, website (if applicable according to the rating of the group)
© Photographer Name and/or Website
My PSP Tubes license number
All information must be included on your creation. Usage of your own photography in the background of tags created with My PSP Tubes Tubes is permitted. When combining My PSP Tubes artists and your own photography, you must display copyright information like above.
14. You may create tutorials using My PSP Tubes artist images however you must clearly state on the webpage that persons following the tutorial must not use the same images in the tutorial unless they too have the appropriate My PSP Tubes artist license to do so. You must supply a link for the reader to obtain a license. You may not offer your licensed tube or product for download for any tutorial written and shared.
15. Websets, calendars and desktop backgrounds are allowed. Appropriate copyright including your license number must be given in the credits.
16. My PSP Tubes will allow donation buttons to be placed on group communities and websites so long as donations are for the upkeep of the community/site itself (removal of banners and pop-up ads). However, no donation buttons may be placed on any community, group, or internet website offering personal or professional commercial services. My PSP Tubes reserves the right to request the donation button, or the respective artist images, be removed right away if we feel it necessary. Failing to comply with this request will result in a suspended license.
17. My PSP Tubes reserves the right to amend, change or update their Terms of Use at any time. Any such changes will be effective immediately upon notification by way of postings to the My PSP Tubes website or other affiliate internet groups.
18. My PSP Tubes will not honor any refunds for digital graphic purchases or any other products or services advertised on its website. Should you find the need to request a refund, please email contact
19. i) You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless My PSP Tubes, its officers, directors, agents and employees, against all costs, expenses and losses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs) incurred through claims of third parties against My PSP Tubes based on your use of My PSP Tubes tubes and products.
20. My PSP Tubes shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to prosecute lawsuits against third persons for infringement of My PSP Tubes Terms of Use.
21. i) These Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of California, irrespective of consideration of the law of California relating to choice of law.
ii) All disputes hereunder shall be resolved by binding arbitration in the State of California. You consent to be bound by such arbitration, and agree to accept service of process by mail, and waive any jurisdictional or venue defenses otherwise available.

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