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Tuesday, 22 March 2011


It's time to get your creative juices flowing --- our April Banner Contest has arrived!!!

There aren't too many rules, but make sure you follow them or your entry won't count

1.  Your banner must say " Official MPT Yahoo Group".

2.  Banners can be no larger than 600 x 600, animated or not - your choice.

3.  You MUST use current MPT artists.  Visit our Artist List to make sure you are using one of our current artists.  And make sure you have your correct copyright information or we will not be able to accept your entry.  

4.  You MUST email your entry to:  
with the subject line "BANNER CONTEST".

5. There is no theme this month so be creative. 

6.  You must create an original banner and not share it here, or with any group until after our winners have been announced.

7.  Only ONE entry per member.

8.  Deadline to send in your entry is:  March 31st, 12:00 noon, EST.

Prizes will be awarded for:

1st Place -- 5 tubes
2nd Place - 2 tubes
3rd Place - 1 tubes

Winners will be chosen by your MPT staff and the winning banner will be showcased on our group homepage for the month of April.

Good luck everyone, can't wait to see what you all create!
Friday, 18 March 2011

Every Friday we will send out some Challenges for you to dabble in - 
something to keep you busy over the Weekend.  

Give them a try and share your results - we'd love to see them!!!!    

This week's Super Challenges are:   Scrapkit, Template, and Doodles

Previews are below (which you can click to visit the site and download your supplies).  
All of these are FTU!

Scrapkit from Shorties Scraps - Angel Fun


Template from Peace's site - Scrapin Designs - Bite Me


Doodles from Doodles by Lori - Flower Pots 

Thursday, 10 March 2011
 Hiya everyone. I hope you all are having a wonderful night or day depending on where you are. There's just a couple things we needed to let you all know....
        5 New tubes were released today.... 2 from Steve Walker and 3 from Pete Tapang ( and all are amazing) so you might want to head on over and take a peek at the new releases.  Also the Sonia Roji tube that you all were wanting back on the site has been released again and is also in the New Releases category. 

        We also have a request if you have filled out the Birthday database can you please go back in and add your email address to the database. Kylara has added that column and she asked me to please let you all know. Also if your NOT in the birthday database you might want to go fill it out you never know what will happen for your birthday!!!

    Ok back to our normal routine. Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a great night....

Carmin - MPT Ass't Manager
Tuesday, 8 March 2011

And our lucky winner for this week's Mystery Monday is....


Please email Customer Service with your full name, email address, MPT license# 
and your choice of tube from Robert Alvarado.  

And for those that want to know what the correct answers were:

1. The Mask-PSP17196
* also accepted PSP16179 - Fender
2. Nautical Themed

    Sailor1 - PSP16473
   Sailor2 - PSP16433
Kelsey Navy - PSP17137
Little Sailor -PSP16958
Sexy Pirate - PSP16839 * also accepted this 
    Pirate - PSP16255 * also accepted this
Babuska - PSP16957 * also accepted this
3. 10 with blue hair
  Esther Gun - PSP17135
    Dots - PSP16464
    Golden -PSP16468
    Look Away -PSP16470
  Straight Jacket - PSP16187
  Japana - PSP16837
   Air Hair -PSP16299
  The Apple - PSP 16840
Amelia - PSP16463
  Pinka -PSP17371
*accepted all of the above - some monitor color variations may distort the coloring
4. umbrella -- Boots  PSP16904
*also accepted Parasole  PSP15993

5.  Flash - PSP 16180

Welcome to MPT's Tag Me Tuesday

Each week we will send out an idea for a tag, and you run with it.  It could be specific elements, a color or even just a thought.

Remember to share your creations - we can't wait to see what you come up!!

You are welcome to use any properly credited artwork, but you know we would love to see some with our MPT artists!

Your Tag Me Tuesday idea this week is:

Purple - with butterflies and bows

Now get tagging, and have some fun!
Monday, 7 March 2011
MPT is currently looking for new artists, and scrap designers to join our store. Are you interested? Are you able to submit art or kits on a regular basis? Well we would love to have ya. For more information please contact MPT's Manager Kylara @ We look forward to hearing from you and having youjoin our team...

Every Monday we will send out a mini-quiz spotlighting one of our fabulous artists at MPT.  Correctly answer the questions and send them in before the deadline and you will be entered in to a draw to win 1 tube from our featured artist.  Make sure you read the questions carefully, and the answers will come from ONLY those images that are found in the Artist section (meaning tubes located in other areas, such as Sale, Holidays, etc. aren't included in the contest).

Here are the rules, please follow these rules because if you don't your entry will not count 
- I mean it this time, lol:

1.  Email  your answers to:    Karen at  - DO NOT SEND THEM IN THROUGH THE GROUP!
2.  Entries must be sent in and timestamped prior to 
Monday, March 7, 9:00 pm EST

3.  Subject line must read:   Mystery Monday Quiz

Easy enough isn't it!

So let's get started!!!!!

Today's Quiz features Robert Alvarado

1.  Unscramble this and provide the correct # and name of the tube --- 1S6P91P7
2.  How many tubes have a nautical theme?  Provide the name & # of each tube.
3.  Give me the names & tube #s of all the tubes with blue hair?
4. Unscramble this word and tell me the tube name & # that has this item in it:  lmerluab
5.  Visit this link, unscramble the image and tell me the name and # of the tube:

Good Luck Everyone!!!
All correct entries go in to a random draw - with one winner being awarded a tube from Robert Alvarado
Sunday, 6 March 2011
This week's "WWW" is going to feature the art of Carlos Cartagena. And WOW do we have lots planned for the day so make sure to check out the group!

In addition to games and quizzes, we are once again doing a Secret Tube prize -- we've picked out one of Carlo's tubes and everyone who buys this tube between Monday, March 7th and Friday, March 11th will win a tube of your choice from MPT. 
So stock up on the wonderful art of Carlos Cartagena because you just might win a free tube.
So get ready for another Wednesday full of fun and activities.
Lets get ready!!!


  1. Your image can be no larger than 600 x 600 and no smaller than 400 x 400 Unless it is a forum tag then it can be 600 x 250
  2. Must be New work created specifically for this contest!!!
  3. Can be animated or non animated
  4. Must be sent to me OFFLIST to my MPT email addy with "AOTM CONTEST" in the subject line.  My email is or
  5. You must Use MPT art (no exclusives from other groups please)
  6. You must use the AOTM : Celine 
  7. Please make the tags for: Celine 
  8. Do not send to any other groups until the winner has been announced.
This contest will run from March 6th thru Tuesday March 29th Noon EST.
1st Place: 5 tubes
2nd Place: 3 tubes
3rd Place: 2 tubes
4th and 5th: 1tube each
The My PSP Tubes Yahoo Group is currently unmoderated.  We will keep it this way for 1 month, and re-evaluate around the first week of April, 2011.
1.  We think your all adults.
2.  We are implementing a 3 strike penalty.
3.  It takes a tremendous amount of time for my employees to moderate mails and lots of them have multiple jobs at the company.
4.  A lot of other copyright compliant groups have no problem.

Below are the new rules we have put in place to outline to you what can or cannot be sent through the group as well as the penalties for sending in something on our no no list.  Please know that we are all human and we do estimate that things will slip into group.  If you see a post come in that is negative and liable to get people riled up, please do not post a response.  One of the staff will deal with the person posting and we want to minimize any and all drama in this group.  We want it to be a fun atmosphere.  This doesn't mean you cant share things going on in your life, but try to be conscious of what drama may come of it in a public group, and avoid responding if you can.  Hopefully that made sense lol.

Here are the rules.

Group Rules
  1. All tags, stats, photo's ect. Being posted to the group needs to have proper exceptions!   o if you took the photo please add © Your Name to the photo, if you don't know who or where the photo came from then please don't post or use it in group. For photo's from license companies, independent artists ect. please follow the TOU set forth by the artist, company ect. 
  2. You may use any artist in this group as long as it is Copyright compliant.
  3. No Bashing/criticizing of any member,owner, artist, or license company is allowed in group. This will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the group for such conduct.
  4. This is a drama free group. Please do not bring or cause drama in the group. If you have any problems with other members or staff Please contact a group owner at the following address or to their private email address.
  5. Please do not 'harvest'** group members email addys- meaning please do not "spam" members with invites to grouply, aimoo, talkcity or  Other groups.**(taking members addys from the members pages or emails in group so you can send them invites)
  6. This is not a PSP Share group. If you've made something yourself,you may share it, but do NOT share anything else, Or ask for someone to share PTU PSP items with you.
  7. No sharing of files (programs, tubes, plugins, masks, elements, kits - UNLESS you made the kit yourself and are sharing it, then it's okay).If anyone requests any kind of "pay" item in this group, they will be removed without warning.
  8.  No rude behavior or extremely foul language.
  9.  No comments/jokes about race, religion, politics, etc.
  10.  No AC/EAC tag shares without a warning being listed in the subject title.
  11.  No blank tag shares and no blank stat shares.  "Extras" with wording is okay.  Like "thank you", "hello", etc. these must also be copyright compliant.
  12.  No customer service questions through the group.  If you have a question, write to customer service.
  13.  You MAY share links to tutorials that you've written or that you like and think others will like.   You may also share links to your blog.
  14.  Tag offers are welcome, we only ask that you have members request offlist to your email and not in group.   Delivering of tags have to be done offlist also. You may send random tags to the group for members or staff.    All tag requests must be done offlist.
Any member who does not follow these rules or sends uncredited images through the group will be given a warning as follows:

     Warning 1 - Moderation for 2 weeks

     Warning 2- Moderation for 1 month

     Warning 3- Moderation for 6 months or  indefinitely
Friday, 4 March 2011
      We would like to take the time to welcome you all to the New MPT Blog... Here you will find all information pertaining to the happenings at MPT. All Sales, Promotions, Games, and other activities will be listed here.
       The new staff at MPT is working hard to keep things running smoothly and if you have any suggestions and/or comments feel free to send us an email.
        As most of you know Brandt is the owner of MPT.The new manager is now Kylara, with Faith and Carmin being assistant managers, and Kaci is the customer service manager. The copyright team is Beth, Jessica and Sarah and our mods are Karen; who is also the games coordinator, Rhonda, Pat; who is also our Promotions Manager and Tess. So there you have our team and we all look forward to working with everyone. So far its been a great experience and we hope it stays that way. 
       Just wanted to drop in and let you know who was who and  Welcome you all to the new blog! Thank you Rieka_Rafita for the wonderful layout. Now all that's left to say for today is come on over to the yahoo group and Let Your Creativity Flow with MPT!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011
This site is currently under construction and we will get it up to date ASAP! We hope to have this up and running soon Please keep checking back.

-MPT Management Team

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