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Sunday, 6 March 2011
The My PSP Tubes Yahoo Group is currently unmoderated.  We will keep it this way for 1 month, and re-evaluate around the first week of April, 2011.
1.  We think your all adults.
2.  We are implementing a 3 strike penalty.
3.  It takes a tremendous amount of time for my employees to moderate mails and lots of them have multiple jobs at the company.
4.  A lot of other copyright compliant groups have no problem.

Below are the new rules we have put in place to outline to you what can or cannot be sent through the group as well as the penalties for sending in something on our no no list.  Please know that we are all human and we do estimate that things will slip into group.  If you see a post come in that is negative and liable to get people riled up, please do not post a response.  One of the staff will deal with the person posting and we want to minimize any and all drama in this group.  We want it to be a fun atmosphere.  This doesn't mean you cant share things going on in your life, but try to be conscious of what drama may come of it in a public group, and avoid responding if you can.  Hopefully that made sense lol.

Here are the rules.

Group Rules
  1. All tags, stats, photo's ect. Being posted to the group needs to have proper exceptions!   o if you took the photo please add © Your Name to the photo, if you don't know who or where the photo came from then please don't post or use it in group. For photo's from license companies, independent artists ect. please follow the TOU set forth by the artist, company ect. 
  2. You may use any artist in this group as long as it is Copyright compliant.
  3. No Bashing/criticizing of any member,owner, artist, or license company is allowed in group. This will not be tolerated and you will be removed from the group for such conduct.
  4. This is a drama free group. Please do not bring or cause drama in the group. If you have any problems with other members or staff Please contact a group owner at the following address or to their private email address.
  5. Please do not 'harvest'** group members email addys- meaning please do not "spam" members with invites to grouply, aimoo, talkcity or  Other groups.**(taking members addys from the members pages or emails in group so you can send them invites)
  6. This is not a PSP Share group. If you've made something yourself,you may share it, but do NOT share anything else, Or ask for someone to share PTU PSP items with you.
  7. No sharing of files (programs, tubes, plugins, masks, elements, kits - UNLESS you made the kit yourself and are sharing it, then it's okay).If anyone requests any kind of "pay" item in this group, they will be removed without warning.
  8.  No rude behavior or extremely foul language.
  9.  No comments/jokes about race, religion, politics, etc.
  10.  No AC/EAC tag shares without a warning being listed in the subject title.
  11.  No blank tag shares and no blank stat shares.  "Extras" with wording is okay.  Like "thank you", "hello", etc. these must also be copyright compliant.
  12.  No customer service questions through the group.  If you have a question, write to customer service.
  13.  You MAY share links to tutorials that you've written or that you like and think others will like.   You may also share links to your blog.
  14.  Tag offers are welcome, we only ask that you have members request offlist to your email and not in group.   Delivering of tags have to be done offlist also. You may send random tags to the group for members or staff.    All tag requests must be done offlist.
Any member who does not follow these rules or sends uncredited images through the group will be given a warning as follows:

     Warning 1 - Moderation for 2 weeks

     Warning 2- Moderation for 1 month

     Warning 3- Moderation for 6 months or  indefinitely


Lisa Stacy said...

I am completley addictted to tags and since I found out I have cancer again i think this will b just what I need.

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