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Monday, 4 April 2011

1. Your image can be no larger than 600 x 600 and no smaller than 400 x 400 unless it is a forum tag then it can be 600 x 250.
2.  Must be new tag created specifically for this contest!!!
3. Can be animated or non animated, your choice.
4. Email your entries to:   Entries sent to the group will be disqualified.  You will receive a confirmation of receipt email within 48 hours of sending in your entry. If you do not please resend your entry.
5. You must use Tyson McAdoo MPT licensed art (no exclusives from other groups please). 
6. Your entry must be personalized: Tyson
7. Do not send or share with any groups (including MPT's group) until the winner has been announced.
8.  Any questions please send email to
This contest will run from today: April 4th thru to Thursday, April 28th Noon EST
1st Place: 5 tubes
2nd Place: 3 tubes
3rd Place: 2 tubes
4th and 5th: 1tube each


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A subsidiary of Sticker Chick (the leading pinup products company with distributors all around the world), My PSP Tubes is the best source for high quality artwork for personal use in digital format – personal web design, signature tagging, and more. We offer a wide variety of art genres to cover all of your creative needs, as well as digital scrapbooking kits, MySpace comments and free tubes. My PSP Tubes (or MPT), in partnership with Corel Corporation, is home to many of the world’s leading artists including Carlos Cartagena, Tyson McAdoo, Sonia Roji, Armando Huerta, Robert Alvarado, Scott Blair and many many others. We offer artists a professional working atmosphere and safeguard their artwork from theft with our highly trained copyright violations department. Customers receive courteous and helpful responses for every issue, big or small, in an efficient and timely manner. At My PSP Tubes, professionalism and respect is our top priority, for both the artist and the customer. If you are an artist interested in joining My PSP Tubes, please contact the company’s manager Kylara Mainville at
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